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Pairing: Bam/Johnny
Rating: M
Summary: Johnny just wants to drink his beer in peace but will Bam let him

Don't pick me ok, I'm new at this all.

All the guys were hanging out in backyard after having a day full of doing stupid shit and find trouble, Johnny just had walk through the back door and up to the kiddie pool that had been full of ice but had melted in the hot weather.

“Aw Shit” Johnny said as he look at manly Chris, Steve-o, Ryan and Raab “Why do you guys do this all the time, Drink all the fucking beers before I get a chance to have some”

Chris, Steve-o stared giggling Raab just held up his beer up grinning and Ryan just said “But Johnny this is for you own good”

“My own good my ass” Johnny replied look back down into the kiddie pool to see one very lonely beer hind in the corner of the pool “Ah ha you did get this one” Johnny said as held it right out in front of them as Johnny took his place on the outdoor furniture

“Aww shit how come we did see that one in there” Ryan murmured turn to Raab

“Maybe we because to piss” Chris barked out laugh “or maybe it craw Steve-o up ass and when he got up it fell right back in again he was naked in there you know ”

“Dude so that wasn’t a ice cub I could feel up there”

“Hey Knoxville!” Ryan cried out “Will you still drink knowing that it was up Steve-o ass?”

“Hey its a beer, why wouldn’t I drink it and I’ve seen wost thing come out of your ass Ryan and I don’t care where its been, its beer and I fucking want it”

Bam just then ran through the back door saying “Hey guys you should really check out the cool footage we got from today, its really cool you just have to see it!”

“Hey why not I’ve get nothing better to do” Ryan snorted out behind Steve-o

Bam turn his attention to Knoxville siting on the outdoor furniture with his beer in hand “And what about you Johnny” he went on “Not coming to see the footage then”
he was l on the back of the furniture

“No Bam I’m not Jeff makes me watch it more time then you guys have to and I guess I like watch just to make sure its stupid enough for Jackass”

“It looks like I have you all to myself then” putting his best Cheshire cat grin and letting his hand slide down and hang around Johnny’s chest, Bam then kneed down on one knee as he whispered very softly “Well I was.. thinking”

“Hmm” Johnny added suddenly
“Well maybe you and I can go somewhere” he took a deep breath and continued “You know, maybe back to my house and see where we can go from there”

“And why would I want to go there Bam?” Johnny said

“Oh you always like to make it hard, don’t you Johnny!” he hissed into Johnny’s ear now his grin was bigger like when he was about to do something really bad.

“See I was enjoying this beer of mine and I really don’t know what could be better than an ice cold beer do you?”

“Johnny, Johnny I know something way better than beer” he purred as his hand danced across his crotch “Well if you don’t came with me, I’ll put your dick off” Bam laughed bitterly as Johnny jump out of the chair

“Ok, ok” Johnny said as put down his beer and put his hands up like he was surrendering “You thing I’m the one play hard here, well you the one playing dirty”

Bam giggled as that evil grin showed on his face “I only play dirty, when your hard Johnny that’s the only game I play”

Johnny started to laugh as his hand was holding Bam’s in his “Very true Bam”
Bam pulled Johnny in the direction of his car.

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